Bernice Vasey has been making sculpture and custom wood works for over 35 years. SInce graduating from Georgian College's former Material Arts: Metal, Wood and Plastics program, Bernice has worked guiding students in their creative pursuits as well as maintaining her custom design shop.

Bernice's creative wood pieces combine form and function in a unique, non-representational way. Her use of traditional and non-traditional materials makes for interesting one of a kind pieces. Bernice combines different woods with parts of heirloom pieces or found objects in her contemporary furniture and cabinetry designs. Each piece is unique and skillfully hand crafted. Her decorative custom works include chairs, tables, beds, vanities, cabinets, entertainment centres, window valances, doors, and crematorium boxes.

While some of the pieces featured on this website are already sold, Bernice is always making new and exciting things. She also designs builtin units for specific spaces or purposes.

"Her workmanship and creativity are astounding. Her only fault is extreme modesty, and the more you admire her work, the more she'll explain how some aspect didn't turn out as she'd planned, but pay absolutely no attention to her; her work is superlative."
Dave Armishaw, from Dave's skilled worker's blog. For Dave's blog, click here.

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